Spring 2022 Industrial Arts Teacher – Independence High School

*Principal called and requested this position be shared on the blog. It is for the Spring semester.

Independence High School has an Industrial Arts Metals Teacher position open with a start date of January 3rd, 2022.  The teacher would be responsible for teaching 6 class periods in a day and a 30 minute Advisory period.  The classes consist of Introduction to Metals, Aviation Fundamentals and  Aerostructures are nested together, Production Welding 1 and 2 are nested together, and Automated systems.  Salary would be for $21,704, contract would be January 3, 2022- May 27, 2022.  The Ag teacher also is right across the hall and where you would be able to learn and help with the Ag program as much as wanted. 


Introduction to Industrial Technology: Metals (9-12)

An introductory level course designed to instruct students in the basic skills necessary to all occupations in the Construction, Manufacturing & Transportation areas.

Aviation Fundamentals (10-12)

An introduction to Aviation fundamentals related to materials, processes, and history of Aviation.

Aerostructures (11-12)

An application-level course designed to teach students a general overview of assembly techniques used in Aviation.

Automated Systems (10-12)

This course is designed to familiarize the student in the operation, manipulation and capabilities of Robotics in today’s world.  Various operating systems, programming and construction of robotic equipment, along with the function of robotics in an automated manufacturing environment will be explored.  Students will build and design simple robot systems utilizing electrical, pneumatic power systems and become familiar with many of the sensory devices utilized by robots.

Production of Welding Processes I (10-12)

This course is designed to offer a more in-depth study of the metalworking and manufacturing fields or technology-processes and applications in the field of welding (SMAW, GMAW, and GTAW), Plasma Arc Cutting, and CNC plasma cutting will be studied.  Various concepts of product design and development strategies will be studied and researched.  Students will work together as a “team” to successfully develop and manufacture a product of their choosing using skills acquired. Local industries will provide speakers and field trips to offer a realistic study of current manufacturing trends. 

Productions of Welding Processes II (11-12)

This course was developed to meet the needs of students who have successfully completed the course Production Welding Processes I and wish to further their knowledge in the field of metal fabrication. Students will be challenged with a more rigorous curriculum which deals with fabrication design and blueprint reading in the welding industry.  Students will be assigned projects to test their knowledge in these areas, and will also be required to design and build a project, which encompasses all facets of this technology. 

If you are interested please contact

Independence High School

Principal Kurt Seiler



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