Extension Agent, Sedgwick County (Wichita)

Extension Agent, Sedgwick County, 4-H Youth Development 
Office location-Wichita, Kansas 

MANHATTAN, Kan. – Shannon Rogge will join the staff of K-State Research and Extension  – Sedgwick County as a 4-H Youth Development Agent effective January 21, 2018.  Sedgwick County’s office is in Wichita.

Rogge earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences and Industry from Kansas State University.

She is transferring from the Pawnee County office of K-State Research and Extension where she has been the Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent.  

4-H Youth Development agents develop and deliver programming aimed at helping youth develop life skills, including a positive self-concept, an inquiring mind, a concern for the community, healthy interpersonal relationships and sound decision making. Rogge will have primary responsibilities for youth programming related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Math.

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